Virtual Reality for Cancer


Along with traditional cancer treatments, virtual reality technology has shown great success in improving the lives of patients. Studies have shown that as many as 95% of participants benefit from an immersive experience. Advancements in VR have provided us with the ability to give cancer patients an immersive environment to help reduce pain, anxiety and depression. Imagine taking a tour through ancient cities, or visiting the world’s most renowned museums all from the comfort of home or hospital. When used in combination with ‘real world’ activities, VR has been shown to improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Cancer care and VR

For cancer patients, virtual reality provides a way to leave behind some of their worries. It offers a framework by which we can enhance a patient’s immune system, reduce anxiety, and alleviate stress – all to the betterment of the healing process. Cancer is on the rise, and with a further 1.7 million new cases predicted in the United States this year, the necessity of complementary therapies such as Ozential Virtual Reality experiences has never been more important.